Random NFL Thoughts (1/20)

– I was rooting for the Saints, and it’s garbage that they lost. Drew Brees and Ben Watson are some of the good guys, not to mention VFL Alvin Kamara. That the pass interference call was missed cost them the game, and those officials should be repudiated.

– I’m not a big Rams fan, but they aren’t the Patriots (and they have VFL John Kelly).

– The Patriots definitely got more than their share of calls as well. The Chiefs more blatantly cost themselves than the Saints (the Dee Ford penalty was killer).

– The NFL OT rules need to be changed (at least for the postseason). My proposal is each offense gets a possession like in College ball, but start at the 50 instead of the opponents 25.

– Tony Romo is as good as everyone says in the booth. Watching Nantz/Romo right after Buck/Aikman put the later crew to shame.

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