Democrats are at risk of blowing the 2020 Texas US Senate Race

Texas Tribune is out with some reporting on the 2020 US Senate race.  MJ Hegar, who had one of the best ads of the cycle last time and nearly defeated John Carter, is contemplating a run.  She may defer to Wendy Davis, though, most famous for being a pro-choice extremist who got crushed by Greg Abbott in 2014.

Wendy Davis would be a horrible mistake for Texas Democrats.  She is an extreme leftist who did nothing to appeal to the middle, and she would lose badly.  Cornyn is already going to be tougher to beat than Cruz (though demographics and probably having Trump on the ballot should help Dems).  Davis would blow all the progress Beto made in 2018, and put Dem House gains in 2018 at risk (hello Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and Colin Allred).

Personally, I tend to think Hegar would not be a bad candidate.  A Texas statewide race is a lot different than a congressional, but she’s a veteran and a political outsider running against a career politician.  She should be able to appeal to Beto voters, particularly with Trump on the top of the ballot.  Another strong choice for Texas Dems would be Beto or Julian Castro if either of them ends up getting out of the Presidential race (or, in Beto’s case, if he passes entirely).  Regardless, if Texas Democrats want to put the Senate seat in play and, in the process, put more Congressional seats in play and maybe even make Texas competitive for a reasonable Presidential candidate, Wendy Davis is the absolute last person they need on the ballot.

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