Tennessee is better than Duke. The NCAA Mock Selection Committee Gets it Wrong.

There is a myth going around that Tennessee is worse than Duke, and I tend to think it’s based on little but national media and reputation.

Tennessee has the better results so far: Both teams have wins over 2 of the other teams on this list.  Duke lost to the one common opponent, though (Gonzaga), while the Vols won.  Additionally, Duke has a very underwhelming loss to Syracuse.  The Vols’ only loss has been to a #2 at the time Kansas team that is on this list at #10.

Tennessee is the more complete team: Look at these Rosters (Duke and Tennessee, per ESPN):

Duke Stats

Vols Stats

Duke is top-heavy, but doesn’t have the starting 5 or bench depth of the Vols.  The Vols are a complete team that can beat you a variety of ways.  If Duke runs into a team where their top players are contained or having a bad day, it’s going to be an issue.

There really isn’t a good, legitimate reason to put the Devils ahead of the Vols at this point.  Now #BeatFlorida.