Who Did Ed Gillespie’s Oppo?

What a week for Ralph Northam.  It all came to a head this afternoon with revelations per the Virginian-Pilot that he appeared in his Med School yearbook in either blackface or a KKK hood.  Both, needless to say, are bad and recommend resignation.

Lots of people are asking why didn’t Ed Gillespie find this in the 2017 campaign? This led me to VPAP, which chronicles money flows in all Virginia state elections.  We can make two possible guesses off what we see there:

  1. A $10,200 payment to Old Dominion Research Group for “Research Services”.  According to their website, oppo research is their main service.  On the other hand, the payment occurs in January 2017.  They could have been doing research on Northam and Tom Perriello at that point, but it could also have very well been on Corey Stewart.
  2. There’s also a $9,075 payment to the RGA in June 2017 for “Research Services.” The RGA does a lot more than oppo research, but it’s very possible that Gillespie is primarily outsourcing oppo after the primary to the RGA.  That is what would make the most sense to me.  Considering that the RGA is also responsible for services for all GOP Gubernatorial candidates nationally, it would be good to know how much of the blame rests on them.

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